Naima hand

I decided to treat myself to a workshop with one of my favourite designers, Stefan Sagmeister, organized by FITC and taking place in Amsterdam (which is a great source of inspiration all on its own.

In just a few hours we were supposed to create a piece of design that would touch a heart of a person of our choosing – someone we know well but not too well (to avoid getting stuck).

And then actually deliver or send it.

Feeling literally like a steam engine at the end of the day, this is the piece that came out of it : It’s a papercut dedicated to my nanny as a way of thanking her for helping me out in taking care of my son, and thus allowing me to do what I love to do – which is designing. She’s moroccan of origin and the piece was inspired but those intricate henna hand paintings that they do, with some of my own symbolism woven into it : rose as a symbol of love and patience with an embryoid shape in the center as a source of new life, and emoticons of crying, sleeping and smiling babies just for the fun of it.

Posted by Jana